Stock Imperial Rules


  • No Imp subs in non-Imperial cars.
  • Absolutely no welding of any seams on the frames whatsoever, including K frame, to main frame.
  • Torsion bars may be turned up to gain height, and suspension may be welded or bolted, at control arm only.
  • Body bolts may be replaced with a ¾" max bolt but must use a bushing if there was one factory.
  • You may add 2 ¾" bolts with 4" max washers. The bolts may go through the frame or welded vertically to the side of the frame. Max length 8", washers may not be welded to anything.


  • May use engine and transmission of your choice, mounted in factory location. Factory mounts may be welded or chained.
  • Must run a radiator.
  • You may run a lower cradle, and may be welded or bolted for mounting engine, but may not strengthen the car. You are allowed two extra mounting points between the pulleys, and front spark plugs, to the TOP of the frame only, using 4" material MAX.
  • No other bracing of engine, transmission or rear end.
  • Rear ends must be 5 lug, from any passenger car. No slider driveshafts.
  • You may have up to 7 leaf springs per side and must be staggered. You may run 6 spring clamps per spring pack, max ¼"X2". Rear ends may be chained, over the top of the frame, not bolting through it.
  • No reinforced wheels of any kind, including bead lip protection, weld in centers, etc, but you may run valve stem protectors.


  • Hoods may be bolted shut with 6 ¾" bolts, with 2 front bolts at the core support going through the frame, or welded to the top, not to be used as a kicker. The other 4 bolts must be sheet metal to sheet metal only.
  • The trunk may be patch welded shut, using a max of 6 4"x6" patches. You're allowed 2 ¾" bolts, which may go through the frame, using 4"x4" washers.
  • Front sheet metal may be cut and folded for clearance from the core support, forward. You're allowed 6 3/8" bolts per fender to hold it back together.
  • You may trim and fold rear wheel area for clearance, and may be welded or bolted back together, with no added material.
  • Doors welded shut, 2 6" patches per seam, and driver's door may be welded solid.
  • No tucking of trunks, window bars, or body creasing allowed.
  • Cars with 2 piece fenders may weld the top outer seam, front and rear, with no added material.
  • Horizontal firewall seams may be welded, with no added material.


  • Front bumpers may be swapped with any other automotive bumpers (no V bumpers) and they may be seam welded only. All holes must remain open. Bumpers may be welded or bolted directly to the frame, with no added material.
  • Rear bumpers may be welded to factory brackets, and may have two straps from trunk lid, to bumper.


  • Bars may be a MAX 4" diameter tubing. You may run 1 dash bar, a bar behind the seat, or X brace, and one bar on each door, no further back than the door post/seam. Bars may have a 6" square plate on the ends to connect to the body. You may also run a vertical bar, or chain, from the bar behind the seat, to the roof. No rollover bars will be allowed.
  • Cage is not to be connected to the floor, or the frame in any manner, other than the bars behind the seat, at the interior rockers.
  • Battery box, gas tank and transmission coolers must be bolted or welded to floor tin only. Bolts may not go through, or around the frame in any manner.
  • Aftermarket pedals may be used, but can't be used to reinforce floor, frame or firewall.


  • Rust repair on body is allowed, 2" past the rotten area, with reasonably similar material thickness.
  • Pre-ran cars may have (1) 4"x4"x 1/8" patch per corner of the car(4 patches total on car), and the bend must be visible.
  • Any repair on frame must first be documented with judges, and a repair may be talked about. If you show up with an unmentioned frame repair, you'll stay on the trailer, no questions asked.

This class is meant to be a stock, minimal build, resembling that of the 90's. No gray area building! Cars must follow all other general safety rules set by the Carlton County Fair, unless otherwise noted.

Build questions can be directed to: Eli Hickman 605-237-2516