Carlton County Fair

Oval & Figure 8 Race Rules


Points for the series do not go with the sale of the car. A total of two drivers per car may run but must enter before the first race.
•4-6-8 cylinder and pure stock classes
•Pure stock's will refer to the Wissota rule book
•No Turbos or Superchargers
•No 4-wheel drives or all wheel drives
•Cars must be completely stripped. No glass, chrome, mirrors, etc.
•All cars must have a complete body, including hood and trunk that are securely latched.
•Molded plastic noses and rear tail panels ok. Rub bars allowed, must not extend more than 1in. beyond the body and be tapered on the ends.
•Firewall and floorboards must be intact and remain stock.
•Driver's seat must remain on left side of car mounted no further back than the rear of front door. Seat must be securely fastened to frame or roll cage and must have headrest.
•Lead clamp or bolt style weights only. NO EXCEPTIONS!
•Doors must be chained or welded shut.
•Floorboards must run from firewall to rear seat (full size only). Trunk may be cut out for fuel cell. Wissota Street Stock-type chassis allowed.
•4 and 6 cylinder cars must have full stock body. No mod 4 chassis, no chassis body combos, no cutting or skinning allowed. If it unbolts you can remove it.
•(V 8 class ONLY) Car size will not exceed 3800# weight limit. No big Chryslers GM Fords, mid size cars only.
•(4 and 6 Cylinder cars only) - Stock Computers (no aftermarket computers, no tuned factory replacements)
•(4 and 6 Cylinder cars only) - Open differential Transmissions only (no welded, leaded, posi, or limited slip transmission differentials - if front wheel drive


•Main cage must be frame-mounted in at least six (6) places. Must be minimum of 1.5-inch outside diameter .095-inch mild steel tubing (Square or round ok) no galvanized.
•Three (3) door bars mandatory on drivers side Two (2) should be on passenger's side.
•"Halo" must be a minimum 36 inches across (outside to outside) and a minimum of 29 inches deep (outside to outside). Must have a minimum of one cross bar in top of halo roll cage.
•Must consist of a configuration front and rear hoops connected tubing on sides or side hoops in a manner deemed acceptable by the inspector. Drivers head must not protrude above cage with helmet on and strapped in driver's seat. Roll cage must be securely supported and braced.
•Low-carbon, mild steel tubing is mandatory. No iron pipe, no brazing or soldering allowed. All joints must be properly notched, no collapsing, hammering, or smashing of the tubing to join them. All tubing must include full radius weld.
•Side bars must be as parallel with the ground as possible and located perpendicular to the driver so as to provide maximum protection for the driver, but without causing undue difficulty in getting into or out of vehicle. The side bar must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage members, and be attached to frame in at least four (4) places.
•Rear bumper tubing must make a complete loop back to the frame.
•Radiator saddle must remain in stock location. Tube style may be used in place of stock saddle, .095-inch mild steel tubing only, no bigger than 1.75. A single horizontal bar from fender to fender with two vertical bars. No part of cage to extend in front of saddle and no down bars to connect to the bumper. This means no front hoops in all classes


•Engines and drive train must remain in stock location, setback only on stock cross member. (Solid mounts ok)
•Fuel; pump gasoline only. No alcohol, nitrous oxide, or nitro. No nitrous devices allowed. No methane or propylene oxide allowed. No E-85
•Exhaust system must also be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gasses away from the driver's compartment and away from areas of possible fuel spillage.


•No bar type tires on drive wheels
•Racing tires only allowed in full size and pure stock classes.
•4 and 6 cylinder classes must have DOT stamped tires
•No split rim Wheels
•1 in. lug nuts are highly recommended


•Cars must be fully functional, (brakes steering throttle cables)
•Factory gas tanks must be removed (NO FACTORY TANKS ALLOWED) Boat tanks or Fuel cells only (Fuel cell highly recommended) Steel straps and bolts only, NO EXCEPTIONS! Submersible Electric fuel pumps should be cut into tanks but must not leak. Fuel cell must be in trunk, there must be a rear firewall (steel or aluminum) between driver and fuel cell
•Batteries must be bolted to approved steel box only box must be bolted or welded to car and/or cage. Batteries must be covered.
•Latching style window net mandatory (must be removable for entry and exit) on drivers door window. Screen and or bars must be in front of driver on windshield opening.
•Approved SFI 3 in. wide 5-point harness with crotch belt is mandatory. No OEM belts allowed. All harnesses must be securely mounted to cage or frame.
•Seats, factory buckets with headrest or racing seats only. V-8 class SFI circle track racing seats MANDATORY. (THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL CLASSES)
•Snell 95 rated helmets, and safety glasses, goggles or shield must be worn. Driving suits recommended no shorts or short sleeved shirts.
•Drive shaft hoop for rear drive cars, no further than 5in. back from front u joint
•4 and 6 cylinder classes should have fuel tank in front of wheel wells

Driver & Pit Crew Rules

Oval & Figure 8 Rules for Drivers and Pit Crew Members

No beer, alcohol, or drugs consumption during the event. All drivers must attend drivers meeting before start of the races.
• No direct hitting between wheels on drivers side. This will lead to automatic disqualification.
• No intentional inside cutting of track. You may come from outside back in.
• No intentional spinning cars around. You will be put in back of pack via discretion of the flagman or judges. If the car being spun around deliberately is in 1, 2, 3 position the race will be stopped and cars 1, 2, 3 will get their positions back and car spinning the car around will go to the back.
• Driver must remain in dead car unless instructed by official
• Driver to the right has the right-of-way
• A fire that stops the race twice disqualifies that car for the heat. Excessive smoking cars will be ineligible to run.
• Length of race will be determined by the number of laps
• All drivers are running at their own risk and must have a waiver signed to participate. Under 18 must be signed also.
• Any harassment of judges or Fair Board Members or any other contestant will result in contestant being barred for 2 years at the Carlton County Fair.
• All cars not removed in two days become property of the fair
• Drivers bringing cars to the race should be aware of State Statutes and Regulations for towing and hauling vehicles. NO DRIVING!
• All cars must enter and leave fairgrounds via west gate off Highway 61. This gate is open to all drivers at 2:00 p.m. each day of race.
• Disobeying BLACK FLAG will automatically disqualify you from the pits for 1 year
• Draw cutoff will be 30 minutes before first race starts, any cars coming in after will be placed at the back of the pack.