Carlton County Fair Auto Racing

Carlton County Fair Auto Racing

Join the Car Races at the Carlton County Fairgrounds!

Entry Fee $50 (pays for car & driver)
Demo $50.00

Questions? Call Clint Larson @ 218-590-7078


As much as the bleachers provide a place to sit, most spectators find themselves standing to watch some of the most exciting auto racing of the year and cheering their heads off.

Oval track races have provided years of action with racers around the state marking this event on their calendars far in advance. There are some fierce rivalries forged to be resolved and you won't want to miss out on this action.

Figure 8 races, which have been around for many years now, always guarantee thrills and chills right from the 'Start your engines' ringing throughout the Grandstand.

The ultimate grand to the Fair is the Demo Derby! A tradition started many years ago. The Grandstand fills for this smash'em crash'em endurance run.

Pre-Sale tickets will be sold in advance only if staffing is available. We will do our best to have pre-sale tickets available in front of the office at 2pm the day of the race.

See Driver info to the right!

Oval Races:

Times TBD


Pre-registration accepted until 3pm the day before the race.

Please note: All fees must be paid in full to pre-register. If you pre-register you will receive one additional pit pass included in your fee. Fees do NOT include admission into the fair. This fee is for the car and drier’s pit pass only. Pre-register at the fair office week of the fair.

Oval & Figure 8 Race Rules
Rules for Drivers and Pit Crew Members
Demolition Derby Rules

Additional pit passes available at the gate for a fee.

Heat and Finals: To be determined by number of entrants in each class.

Drawing for heat position during inspection. Finals to be determined by number of entrants in each class.