Carlton County Fair Demolition Derby

Saturday August 17th 2019 | Time TBD

Please view our general rules below and proceed to click on each link to view the general rules per category.

1) $50 entry fee.
a. Covers car and driver.
b. Build to the rules and if any questions call.

2) All cars are to be at the fairgrounds by 4pm.
a. Pre-registration is recommended.
b. Pre-registered cars will be inspected first and allowed in the gate as soon as possible.

3) A Snell approved helmet or equivalent and eye protection is required.
a. Racing suit (REQUIRED IF RUNNING ALCOHOL) or long sleeve shirt or jacket is required for driver safety.

4) All cars must have seat belts.
a. At a minimum, lap belt, but 5 point harness is recommended.
5) All cars must have working brakes.
6) All cars must be completely stripped of all windows, mirrors, chrome, plastic, fiberglass, etc. 
a. No trailer hitches and trunks must be empty. 
b. All holes in the firewall and floors must be covered or closed up, floors must remain intact unless otherwise specified for drivers safety.

7) Factory gas tanks must be removed. 
a. Fuel tank must be inside of car, behind driver’s seat, fastened down securely with steel strap and bolts (maximum ¾ inch) through body tin only. 
b. No rubber straps, chain, plumbers strap or screws allowed. 
c. Steel boat tanks and fuel cells only, plastic tanks must be secured in metal box no more than 2 inches (in any direction) larger than tank and all tanks should have a 5 gallon max. 
d. Electric fuel pump cars will run an inline pump or have pump mounted in tank and not leak. 

8) Batteries must be inside of car, no more than 2 automotive or one industrial multi cell battery allowed. 
a. Batteries must be encased in a steel box no larger than 2 inches (in any direction) of the type of battery used. 
b. Battery box must be welded or bolted (maximum ¾ inch) to body tin only, 2 bolts may go through frame or cross member.

9) Driver’s door should be painted white for your safety. 
a. Drivers half of windshield and driver’s door window must have steel mesh, strapping, or expanded steel covering them. 
b. Driver’s door can be reinforced, but not more than 6 inches beyond any seam.

10) All cars must have a roof sign (18in.x18in. minimum) with color contrasting numbers (example: white on black).
11) Entry fees will be paid prior to inspection.
12) If a car has material that is not allowed, you may remove it or go home. 
a. You will forfeit any entry fee paid. 
b. A driver vote will not be allowed. 
c. These are the rules, obey them.

13) The top four cars may be inspected following the derby. 
a. Anything found that is not allowed at that time will forfeit winnings. 
b. Placing will be adjusted accordingly at that point.

14) The last hit on an eligible car wins. 
a. In the case of a head-on hit between the last two cars, the last one running wins. 
b. All cars will have 1 minute to make an eligible hit. 
c. Sandbagging is not allowed.
15) The official rules are signed by the fair board and are the only rules recognized.
16) The judges will have final say in all matters. Questions will be answered by Jeremy Halverson only. Home (218) 384-4061 or Cell (218) 940-5581