All cars and trucks must meet these requirements, regardless of class. Build to the rules, and if you have any questions, call. Entry fees must be paid BEFORE you get inspected. If your car is deemed illegal, and you refuse to cut, the entry fee will be forfeited.

Inspections will be 12 PM - 4 PM. Each vehicle will receive an inspection sheet and repair areas will be painted to ensure proper re-inspection. All cutting will be done on the racetrack. All cars must be INSIDE the gate by 6 pm!

NO DRIVER VOTES! Numbers are first come, first served, and there will not be any duplicates! Heat draw will be done by random number generator.


  • All drivers must wear a SNELL/DOT approved helmet and must wear eye protection at all times! Long sleeve shirt or jacket is required, and a Full SFI 3.2A/15 or 3.2A/20 racing suit, helmet sleeve, gloves, and boots are required if running Alcohol. Any vehicles running any fuel other than gasoline, the car must be clearly labeled.
  • Vehicles must have at LEAST a lap belt, but a 5-point harness is recommended.
  • Drivers Doors MUST be painted a contrasting color, for your safety. Drivers half of windshield, and door window MUST have steel strapping, steel mesh covering them. Drivers Door may be reinforced, no more than 6" past each vertical seam.

Vehicle Prep:

  • All vehicles must be stripped of all glass, plastic, chrome, fiberglass, etc.
  • All cars must have a roof sign, 18" square minimum, with numbers that are easy to read.
  • No trailer hitches, or any other aftermarket reinforcements.
  • All holes in firewall must be covered, and floors must remain intact.
  • Trunks and truck beds must be empty.
  • Factory gas tanks must be removed. Steel boat tank or fuel cell (no larger than 5 gallons) must be fastened down behind driver, with steel strap, and a maximum of 1" bolts, through body tin, or cage, not both. NO bungees, sheet metal screws, or plumbers tape! Plastic tanks must be inside a steel box and can't be more than 2" larger than the tank in any direction.
  • Electric fuel pumps are allowed, either in line or in tank, but must not leak.
  • Batteries MUST be inside the vehicle, either 2 automotive size, or 1 industrial battery allowed. Battery box can't be more than 2" larger than the batteries in any direction. It must be welded or bolted to body tin, max 1" bolts. 2 bolts may go through frame or crossmember.
  • Must run straight tread tires on drive wheels, in all classes.

Track Rules:

  • All cars will have 1 minute to make a hit.
  • The last hit on an eligible car, wins. If a head-on ends the derby, the last car running, wins.
  • The top 4 finishers in each class may be re-inspected following the derby. Anything found at that time will forfeit winnings, and placing will be adjusted accordingly.

Judges will have final say in all matters
Questions can be directed to Clint Larson 218-590-7078

2024 Rules