* Develop a statement about how important it is to have a vet/cliental relationship while developing a vaccination program.

* It is highly recommended that animals being brought to the Carlton County Fair are vaccinated and that all vaccinations (as required) are completed at least 4 weeks prior to that start of the County fair. This is to protect your animal as well as others being shown.

* When your animals are returning home from the County fair, it is advised to isolate them to be sure the potential for illness does not impact your entire herd. It is recommended to keep them isolated for 30 days, but at a minimum 14 days. Isolating your show animals will prevent you from treating your entire herd if illness would occur.

* In an effort to reduce exposure, several herds have offered to bring extra calves to have available for other youth/4-H'ers to show and experience working with livestock. Please call the fair office or the barn superintendent to make arrangements. There may be a small fee associated with leasing animals.

* Finally, it is important to remember anything you can do to help reduce stress for your animal will allow them a better opportunity to combat illness. These items include: temp control, hauling in your own water, and feed/silage/forage remaining the same.


* To ensure animals have been properly prepared to participate at the County fair, all animals have to be ID'd for 4-H by May 15th . If showing in open class have a signed vet form with the following: verification of the farm/farmer, address, phone number, species, breed, age/DOB of animal and ID. This information will be collected by the barn superintendents as the animals arrive.