Carlton County Fair Demolition Derby


Bone Stock Compact Car Chain Class

  1. Any unibody foreign or domestic passenger type car, max wheelbase 108” measured from the center of the front hub to the center of back hub
            a) 4 or 6 cylinder only, no v-8’s
            b) No altering of wheelbase to meet requirements. We will measure.
  2. If it’s not stated you can do in the rules DO NOT DO IT! No gray area building.
            a) Don’t assume it’s ok….Call first!
            b) These rules are in addition to the general rules.
  3. Cars will remain stock from the factory unless addressed in the rules
  4. ABSOLUTELY NO WELDING anywhere on car!
  5. Bumpers must be stock for the era of car.
            a) Plastic bumpers must be removed but may be replaced with a similar tin inner        bumper.
    b) Bumpers will be bolted on as they were from the factory.
  6. No engine swaps or drivetrain conversion.
            a) No engine protectors or cradles of any make, form, or fashion.
            b) Engine may be chained down in 2 spots, no welding!
           c) Stock ignition. A push button and toggle switch may be used if stock is damaged and not useable
            d) Stock shift mechanisms, no aftermarket cables or homemade shifters.
            e) Stock exhaust and should be cut off under car.
            f) Stock radiators. No race radiators or radi-barrels.
            g) No aftermarket engine or tranny coolers. Tranny lines may be looped together.
  7. Hoods, doors, trunks, and hatchbacks may be chained shut in 4 spots each.
            a) Drivers door may be reinforced by bolting a bar to the outside of door for safety reasons no further than 6” forward or back of door seam.
            b) All body panels will remain in stock form.
            c) Cars without a door post may run a chain to the roof.
            d) No bars from roof to trunk.
  8. No dash bars, no side to side bars, no bars forward or back and no kickers.
            a) A chain or strap can be bolted from floor to roof directly behind drivers seat to keep it from breaking.
  9. Body bolts and sub-frame bolts are to remain stock and not replaced
  10. Suspension, struts, springs, and tie rods will remain stock.
            a) No solid suspension.
  11. Tires and rims are to remain stock with no modifications.
            a) No sidewall protectors.
            b) Tires must have DOT stamp.
            c) You may tube tires, but air only
  12. Pre-run or damaged cars must meet rules.
  13. Questions will be answered by Jeremy Halverson only.

Cell (218) 940-5581 Home (218) 384-4061