Carlton County Fair Demolition Derby

Saturday August 17th 2019 6:30pm
Compact Class

1) Any unibody foreign or domestic passenger type car, max wheel base of 108” measured center of front hub to center of back hub.
A) 4 or 6 cylinder only, no v-8’s.
B) No altering of wheel base to meet requirements.

2) If it’s not stated you can do in the rules, DO NOT DO IT. No gray area building. Don’t assume it’s ok…call first!

3) Motor and tranny of choice, cross breeding is allowed and must be located in the stock position.
A) Motor and tranny may be chained down, you may weld mounts and or use 1 2”wide x 1/4” thick strap mounted to anywhere on the engine and welded flat to the top of the frame directly in line with the front tires only.
B) Do not use as means of frame reinforcement. If we feel it is too much or adds strength to the frame, you will cut it.
C) No transmission protectors, or anything attached to the transmission can not be welded to any part of the car.

4) All hoods must be able to be opened for inspection at the judges request.

5) Transmission coolers, welded rear ends, headers are allowed.
A) If headers not used, must have a minimum of 12”x12” hole cut in hood over carb area.
B) Transmission coolers can only be in car if there is an automatic transmission being used.
C) Holes must be covered.

6) Drivers door may be welded solid and or steel door bar may be used with steel not to extend more than 1” from original body or 4” past either end of door.

7) Doors must be either welded or chained shut.
A) Chain must be min 5/16 single loop.
B) If welded, may be welded solid using a max of 3” wide x 1/8” plate.
C) Window area can be 9 wired in a maximum of 2 places. No 9 wire anywhere else in or on car.
D) Top of doors can be folded over and welded together, no added metal.

8) The hood may be secured in 6 places max with any of the following combinations:
A) Single loop 5/16” chain minimum.
B) Maximum size of 1” threaded rod with 4”x 4” max washers.
i. If using rod, up to 4 rods may be welded to, but may not go through frame.
ii. If rod bent and laid on frame only 4” maximum length of rod and weld on the frame allowed. Not 5, not 4.5….4” per rod. This will be measured and enforced closely. Remaining rod used must connect tin to tin only.
C) 3” angle, 6” long welded to the hood and vehicle and bolted together.

9) The trunk lid may be secured up to 6 places by any combination of the following:
A) Single loop 5/16” chain.
B) Threaded rod (1” max size) with 4”x 4” max washers.
i. If rod used, up to 4 rods may be welded to or extend through frame.
ii. This is for the trunk only. The rest must be tin to tin.
C) 3” angle, 6” long welded to trunk and vehicle and bolted together.

10) A front side to side dash bar, behind the seat side to side bar, driver side and passenger side bar connecting front and back bar allowed.
A) 4” max diameter thick walled with max of 6”x 6” plates on ends.
i. These bars are for safety, not reinforcement and judges will use discretion, so don’t over do it.
ii. No vertical bars of any kind connected to cross bars. In other words no kickers down to the floor or frame in any way.
iii. Halo bar allowed. 2” minimum tubing welded to crossbar only. May fasten to roof using max of 4 bolts.
iv. No part of halo may touch the floor, body, frame, or front dash bar in any way.

11) Sub-frames may be bolted up with ¾” max bolts in 2 places per frame rail.
A) 1 per side in front and 1 per side in back, no larger than 4”x 4” washers may be used on bolts.
B) Absolutely no connection of front and rear frames by any means.

12) All cars must have the factory frame and body match what they came with from the factory.
A) No taking body off a different type of car and putting it on a different style of frame. Frame and body must match.

13) Core support must be factory style for that make and model.
A) If core support is damaged, may use 1 piece of 2”x 2” ¼” angle iron from one fender to the other fender.
B) Angle can be welded to fender tin only.

14) Radiators must be in stock position.
A) You may choose to have no cooling system at all.
B) Radi-barrels are allowed not to extend more than 3” above the core support.
C) May be welded to the core support on top. Thin strap may be used.
D) May be welded on sides to body tin only.
E) No welding of any kind with the purpose of reinforcement.
F) Absolutely no welding of barrel to the frame in any way, shape, or form. Don’t go over board welding these in.
G) If determined by the officials to be excessive or reinforcing, you will be made to cut.

15) May put 2 straps across rear tail light lens holes connecting trunk to bumper, but must leave inspection holes to view inside of trunk.
A) Maximum 3” wide, 1/8” thick flat iron and can not go more than 1” past either side of hole.

16) Suspension may be welded.
A) A arms may be welded, 1 strap up to 2”x 2” may be used on each side.
B) Front bumper height 20”max from ground to the bottom of bumper.
C) Maximum 7 rear leafs per side.
D) May not leaf a factory coil spring car.
E) 5 lug rear axle max.

17) Floor plates are allowed only if original floor is rusted out. We will look at the bottom to verify.
A) 1/8” thick max, must be flush to floor and not raised to cover cheating.
B) Floor plates can not create full frame.
C) No other plating allowed in or on car.

18) Bumpers may be welded on using stock compact bumper shocks or brackets only or hard nosed directly on frame or run without but have mounts removed as well.
A) No sharp edges.
B) Any stock automotive bumper and may be stuffed.
C) Homemade bumpers must be straight across with a chrome skin welded on. Do not cap ends.
D) Stock configuration with chrome skin

19) Any size or ply tire may be used. Double walling, doubling, foaming, water, etc may be done if you choose too.

20) May weld top seam of frame from firewall forward.
A) Use welder only, no added material. ½” maximum bead width.
21) Frame repairs-If frame is rusted you may fix it with ¼” plate 1” past the rust hole ( do not cut the rust spot out).
A) You may weld a plate 1” past a bend. All plates must be welded to the frame and cannot be used to act like a gusset.
B) You may fix body with sheet metal 2”past rust.
C) If car is pre-ran, maximum of 2 plates, each no longer than 6”max, allowed per frame rail.
D) Must be able to prove bends.

22) Questions call Jeremy Halverson only @ cell (218) 940-5581 or home (218) 384-4061