Full Size Class

Full size passenger cars and wagons allowed, except for Imperials, Imperial frames, Sub frames/K frames, and GM round back wagons. 2003+ FoMoCo cars must run factory engine cradle with no extra reinforcements.


  • All hoods must be open for inspection. Hoods and trunks must have a 12"x12" hole for inspection, and for fire access. Header holes in hood satisfy this requirement.
  • You may use 6 ¾" bolts to hold hood shut, 2 of which may go through, or be welded to the top of the frame with no nuts or washers and can't act as a kicker. Hoods may be folded over core support
  • Doors may be welded with 2 4" patches per seam, or 4 chains per door, max.
  • Trunks and tailgates can be fastened shut in a MAXIMUM of 6 places, using a combination of 4"x6" patches, and ¾" bolts, with a max of 2 bolts going through the frame. Bolts may only use a 4"x4" washer. You may tuck your trunk lid into the trunk, leaving at least 50% in factory location. ! Rear dash/package shelf must remain in stock location. NO WEDGING AND NO WINDOW BARS ALLOWED!
  • Body mounts can be removed, and replaced with a ¾" bolt, and 4"x4" plates. You may add 4 extra body bolts in the passenger compartment, to body tin only, and not to be used as kickers. All bolts 8" long max, and no welding washers to frame or body.


  • All cage material must be 6" diameter max. You're allowed 1 dash bar, and one bar behind the seat, with 6"x6" plates to attach to body tin only. Behind seat bar may have two kickers making an "X" down to the inner rocker on each side, with 6" plates on each end.
  • You may run one bar on each side from dash bar, to bar behind seat.
  • You may run a gas tank protector off your rear seat bar, must be at least 6" off of the floor, and must not touch package tray area.
  • Halo/roll bars are allowed, but must be attached to door bars, or behind seat bar, and must NOT go to the floor or frame.

Frame & Bumpers:

  • Frame seams may be welded, single pass, ½" wide bead
  • You may use any make/model passenger car bumper, but it must remain stock, NO STUFFING! Bumpers may be fully seam welded, and holes may be capped, but must have holes for inspection. IF you choose to not run an automotive bumper, you may use a 4"x4"x1/4" square tube for a bumper, with no point, and must have a chrome skin welded on. Ends must remain open, and no bumpers may have sharp corners.
  • You may use your choice of automotive bumper bracket or bumper shock, one per frame rail. They may be welded to the top, bottom, or side of the frame, extending no further back than the front most point of the upper control arm mount on frame.
  • PRE RAN-CARS may have up to 3 repair areas per frame rail. You may use up to 8" long patches, 2 sides of the frame, extending no more than 2" past the bend, totaling 24" of patch per frame rail. Material may be no more than ¼" thick and leave a portion un-welded for proof of thickness.


  • Suspension may be solid. The front may be welded at the control arm only with two pieces of ¼"x2" strap per control arm, welded from control arm, to frame.
  • Shocks can be welded, bolted or clamped.
  • Leaf spring cars may have a max of 7 springs per spring pack, and you may add spring clamps.
  • Coil spring cars may use a 2"x4" tube, placed as such, to facilitate solid rear suspension.
  • Rear bumper must not be higher than the front of the car.


  • Engine, transmission and 5 lug rear ends, may be from any passenger car.
  • Lower cradles and pulley protectors allowed, but only for mounting engine, and may be welded or bolted in two spots, like factory. No other engine or transmission protectors allowed! You may also weld motor down in 2 spots, between pulleys and carburetor with no more than 4" of weld on the frame.
  • No slider drive shafts allowed
  • You may run either a radiator, or radi-barrel, in stock location. It may be welded and/or bolted to radiator saddle/core support tin must be vented under the car in a safe manner.
  • Transmission coolers allowed and must be welded or bolted with ¾" bolts, max, to either body tin, or cage, not both.

These cars will remain stock. Any other welding, bolting, etc. will not be allowed.