Carlton County Fair Demolition Derby

Saturday August 18th 2018 6:30pm

Full Size Class


  • 1st Place: $1500
  • 2nd Place: $1000
  • 3rd Place: $500
  • Mad Dog $100

1) Full size stock passenger cars and wagons only, no commercial vehicles (hearses or limos, etc.)
c. 2003 and newer Ford/Lincoln/Mercury frames must run factory engine cradle.
2) Snow or bar tires on drive wheels are not allowed.
a. There is no ply rule, air only.
3) 1 dash bar is allowed, kickers are not allowed, not to exceed 6 inches in diameter and may have a 6x6 inch plate on either end, welded to body tin only.
a. 1 bar may be welded from dash bar to door bar/brace on both sides and not to floor or frame.
b. Any other bars forward or backward are not allowed.
4) 1 side to side bar behind drivers seat with two kickers is allowed, in the shape of an X, not to exceed 6 inches in diameter and may have a 6x6 inch plate on either end, welded to body tin only.
a. Halos are allowed for safety purposes but must be attached to side to side door bar not the floor or frame.
b. Any other bars forward or backward are not allowed.
5) All hoods, trunks, and tail gates must be open for inspection or a minimum 12 inch diameter hole cut in them.
a. Holes for exhaust stacks will satisfy hood hole requirement.
b. 6 bolts or chains per hood and trunk to body tin only, 2 may go through or be welded to frame but must go straight down and not used as kickers. Maximum size ¾ inch bolts.
c. Doors and tail gates may be welded or chained, 4 chains per door max or 2-4 inch patches welded per outside seam.
d. Absolutely no wedging, trunks may be tucked and hoods bent over radiator core support.
e. Rear dash and deck lids will remain in stock position and form.
f. No bars from roof to trunk.

6) Engine and drive train must remain in stock location.
a. Motor mounts can be welded or chained.
b. 2 additional motor mounts can be added but in front of carburetor and behind pulleys with no more than 4 inches weld on frame on either side.
c. Exhaust stacks are allowed.
d. A lower engine cradle (block saver) with pulley protector will be allowed but only for the purpose of mounting the engine ( 2 spots like factory mounts, no midplates) and not for frame reinforcement.
e. After market engine or transmission protectors are not allowed. Slider drive shafts are not allowed.
f. Engine, transmission, and rear ends (5 lug) can be of any passenger car make and model.
7) Radiator must remain in stock location.
a. Radi barrels are allowed, in stock radiator location, and may be welded to radiator saddle tin or hood/core support bolts only and must be vented down under car.
8) Transmission coolers must be welded or bolted (maximum ¾ inch) to body tin only and covered.
a. Floor shifters are allowed.
b. A 6in x 1ft hole for shifter in floor is allowed but must be covered.
9) Suspension may be solid.
a. A-arms may be bolted or welded (2 spots), shocks may be welded, clamped, or replaced.
b. Leaf spring cars are to have no more than 7 leafs on either side.
c. Non-leaf cars may weld a piece of steel across rear hump, no larger than 2x4 inches in diameter and may be placed as such to facilitate solid rear suspension.
d. Rear bumper must not be higher than the front for any car.
10) Bumpers may be from any make or model of passenger car and must remain stock.
a. If a stock 1-sided bumper is used, the back side may be enclosed with ¼ inch maximum thickness flat steel only.
b. Option 3 you may use a 4x4x1/4” square steel, straight across with no point, as a bumper with a chrome skin welded on.
i. If choosing this option the ends are not to be capped, they must remain open.
c. Stuffing or plating are not allowed.
d. Sharp ends are not allowed.
e. Bumpers may be welded on.
f. Bumper shocks may be removed.
i. If bumper shocks are removed, bumper is to be welded to frame.
g. A maximum of 4 inches of frame, behind bumper, may be used to weld bumper on.

11) Seam welding is allowed, ½” bead, single pass over factory frame welds.
12) Body mounts can be removed or replaced.
a. A maximum of ¾ inch bolt and 4 inch washer may be used.
b. 4 additional bolts may be added to the passenger compartment, to body tin only and not used as kickers.
13) Pre-ran cars may have up to 3 pucker patched areas per frame rail.
a. 8” patch, max 24” per frame rail, 2 sides of frame.
b. Maximum of 2 inches beyond affected area and not thicker than ¼ inch material.
14) These cars will remain stock. Any other welding, frame bolts, or roll cages are not allowed.
15) The judges will have final say in all matters. Questions will be answered by Jeremy Halverson only. Home (218) 384-4061 or Cell (218) 940-5581