Any 1/2 or 3/4-ton American made pickup or SUV. NO 1 tons, Super Duty, Excursion, or frame swaps. Frames must remain stock and not shortened or altered in any way. NO shortening front or rear frame horns. ANY QUESTIONS: CALL BEFORE CUTTING! No welding other than specified!!!! If officials suspect a 1 ton (or any illegal form of) frame it will be driver's responsibility to have written proof by frame code and/or vin number it is ¾ or less or will not run.


MANDATORY= Must run a bar behind seat and dash bar. Seat bar no further back than 10" behind seat. Dash bar must be minimum 4" away from transmission bell and firewall. May use 6"x6" plates on ends. You may connect dash-bar to seat bar. You are allowed down bars as follows: two down bars off driver side door bar to floor OR may kick inward and attach to side of frame passing through floor. For passenger side you are allowed one down bar from passenger side door bar to the cab floor only to protect the battery. These are the only down bars you are allowed. You may attach a rollover bar from seat bar up to or over roof and down to dash bar, but these bars cannot connect or come in contact with rollover bar in trucks with boxes to stop truck from bellying. 5" max. on cage material, only attached to cab, floor, or body mount plate not directly to frame. SUVs may attach a floating gas tank protector off seat bar. The 24x24 protector must remain 4 inches away from any sheet metal. These are the only internal cage components allowed.


You may have 8 locations of chains, bolts or U-bolts to secure box to frame in trucks, 6 in cab, and 2 at core support. SUVs, may only use 10 throughout cabin compartment. 1" max bolts with plate size no larger than ¼" thick x 8" square. Bolts may be go through top of frame like factory or may weld to outside of frame, do not pin frame. In addition, you may leave original body mounts in factory location but must remain 100% stock rubbers included, if removed and bolted solid u loose option to use extra factory location.


You MUST have two window bars no larger than 3" diameter or 2 #9 wires in windshield opening to prevent hood from entering drivers compartment for driver's safety. DOORS may be chained two locations per seam or welded 24" of total weld outside only (1/4 In. strap no wider than 2") each chain or wire location will count as 4" of weld. Drivers door may be welded solid and reinforced for safety (highly recommended) and can have a driver's window net.


The hood may be fastened using 3/8 chain, wired, or bolted in 6 separate locations, two chains or wires may go from core support to bumper, U will be allowed two 1". Max. rods welded to frame used for hood pin at core support, rods may be welded to core support 5" per rod (5" long filler material can be used to reach core support if not resting tight against), u will also be allowed a 5x5 inch washer welded to top of core support for hood pins to go through to hold in position, other 4 locations up to 1in. max hood pins, wires, or chain must go from sheet metal to sheet metal only, - hood washers no larger than 5x5 inches ¼ thick, hood pins must be straight up and down 1'. max length. You may use (4) 3/8 bolts each hole to bolt hood skin together hood openings around stacks.

Tailgate & Bumpers

The tailgate must be ran in upright position, no removing, may be chained in two locations per side OR welded using 2x2 angle iron inside, or flat strap outside 24" total on the sides plus an additional 12" of weld or 4 chains on bottom of tail-gate to box (not bumper). Tailgate may be lowered and welded to end of frame rails to use as a bumper, if no other form of bumper is used. If bumper is used may lower tailgate and weld to top of frame only (not bumper) and chained in two lower locations, suburban, SUV back doors use tailgate rules to secure. Front and rear bumpers may be changed to a seam welded, loaded car bumper, (rear bumper must remain flat). No adding bumper brackets to frame. If u choose not to install a factory car bumper u can use a FLAT 6' long max, 5" diameter or less, 3/8 thick square or round tube behind factory truck bumper welded to frame. No sharp edges and cannot protrude past fenders (must be covered by a skin on front side). Bumpers may be welded to frame plus added 2x2 inch wide ¼ thick angle iron also to help secure to frame on all sides (do not run lengthways down frame as a bracket- bumper attachment only) Bumper height max 27" to the top of bumper- min. 22" top in the rear. No open frame rails.


Roll over bar recommended, in front of box, must remain 5" away from top of cab, mounted vertical. You can bolt or weld directly to box floor or to box washer plates but can't be welded to frame. Uprights can't be wider than frame and no wider than cab on top. You may have kickers from the roll bar, two feet back and a bar connecting them, to protect the fuel tank. The roll over bar cannot attach to interior cage components. Box may be bolted to cab in 4 locations, 1" bolt with 5x5 plates AND may weld 12" of strap per side to weld cab and box together. You can wire box side to box side in the location of choice, but may not contact frame using 4 strands of wire max, no chains. No wedging. You may bolt fenders with 6 -3/8 bolts with max 2" washers.


Front suspension on non-leaf-spring trucks may install 3/4 bolt in center of a-arm welded to spring pocket to gain height. Front shocks may also be replaced with a piece of steel stock (bolted) in factory location to maintain ride height. Stock leaf packs, no adding or re-stacking springs. You may have 6 2" wide spring clamps per leaf pack. No coil to leaf conversions on front axles. Factory leaf spring perches may be welded or bolted to frame to help from tearing off. May add 2 3/8" chains per axle to frame. 1/2 ton may swap to 3/4-ton rear ends, may be welded posi-traction, no bracing on rear ends.


May crossbreed engines and transmissions, No adding engine crossmembers or extra braces in frames other than directly specified. For older c-channel frame trucks with no engine crossmember you may build an engine crossmember out of 2x6 ¼ inch thick tube MAX. You will be allowed to have a piece of the 2x6 tube 6 inches long welded or bolted in the c channel part of the frame, from there you can weld the 2x6 tube straight across off those pieces. This crossmember must be directly above the front axle of the truck, absolutely no gussets or extra bracing from crossmember to frame. Must only contact engine OR cradle at mounting bolts ONLY. Crossmember cannot be used as a brace or support for lower engine cradle or any other part of drivetrain or suspension. Do not use firewall as a brace. May have 2 chains or wires to frame to hold motor in place. You may weld motor mounts in size of factory mount. Engine must be bolted to lower mount, not welded. Trans coolers allowed. Trans may be chained or wired to cross-member. Block saver lower engine cradles allowed. No other engine or trans protectors, steel ultra-bells, or steel tail shafts will be allowed. ONLY Aluminum ultra-bells will be allowed, no exceptions. Any driveshaft may be used, sliders ok. No radibarrels, must use a radiator in factory location, or loop hoses.


May use 2 automotive, or 1 implement style battery, securely mounted to pass floor, and covered. Factory gas tank must be removed, and one relocated in front of box, 8 gal. max. May use electric fuel pumps if well labeled (FUEL SHUT OFF).


Any ply tire allowed, stuffed, skid, ag ok on steer, must run straight treads on drive. NO split rims allowed. Small uni-lug wheel centers 9" max. diameter may be used, no bead locks, full centers or any other reinforcement.


All steering components must remain stock, unless noted. You may alter steering shaft from box to steering wheel, tie rods may be reinforced in center only.

If the frame bent, may plate 1" past bend both directions 1/4 in thick one side of frame only. if long area over 6" is bent please call ahead for authorization, No boxing of frames.