Carlton County Fair Demolition Derby

Saturday August 18th 2018 6:30pm

Small Trucks


  • 1st Place: $1000
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • 3rd Place: $300
  • Mad Dog $100

1) Welding from the center of the front wheels permitted. This is the only frame welding.
2) Patch and pucker frame 6” long ¼ thick plate outside of frame only, 8”between patches.
3) No frame swaps.
a. No imperial sub frames, k frames, ect.
b. Stock only.
4) Stock bumpers only. Make sure bumper can cover your beam.
a. No pointy bumpers.
5) Must have a hood and must be bolted down max of 6 places using 1”rod, 6” washer max,
a. 12”x12” opening in the hood above carburetor.
b. All doors must be welded shut.
c. 8 4”x4” pads per door.
6) Roll cages allowed.
a. Inside or outside of the cab.
b. Braces must stay in front of the wheel wells and can be bolted to the frame.
7) Dash bar 3” max, door bars and rear cab bars are allowed, 2 dash bar kickers down to the frame.
8) Cab reinforcement must remain separate from the box.
9) Gear protection in the box cannot be attached to the cab, box front, sides or rear.
10) Tailgate must be welded to the box.
a. Factory tailgates only.
i. If you do your axle tie downs will be cut to achieve max bumper height.
c. Box sides and tailgates are to remain upright in stock position.

11) No stuffing of body panels. (fenders, box sides, ect.)
12) Rear bumpers that are removed, must have frame rails capped using channel or angle, not to extend further than frame rail width.
13) Prior run trucks must meet rules.
14) May add an additional 8 body bolts total, other than factory locations in cab and box.
a. 6” washer max.
15) 4x4’s must have the front driveshaft removed.
16) Dodge Dakotas are allowed.
a. No full size trucks allowed.
17) Motor mounts may be welded.
a. 2 additional straps or chains can be added.
b. Must be behind water pump, but in front of the carburetor.
18) Radi-barrels must be inside frame rails (top and bottom), may be welded or bolted on, 3” thick outside to outside max and vented down.
19) No homemade spring pacs-leafs only.
20) If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t. It’s not allowed.
a. The Judges will have final say in all matters.
21) Questions will be answered by Jeremy Halverson only.
a. Home (218) 384-4061
b. Cell (218) 940-5581