Small Truck Class

Dodge Dakota’s will be allowed. No full size trucks. 4x4’s must remove front drive shaft. All pre run vehicles must meet all rules.


• All vehicles must run a hood, and must be bolted down in 6 locations max, with 1” rod and 6” washers, and hood must have a 12”x12” hole above carburetor.
• All doors must be welded shut using 4”x4” patches, 8 per door.
• Box sides must remain in stock location and must run factory tailgates and must be welded in the upright, stock, location. NO WEDGING!
• No stuffing of any body panels, including fenders, box sides, etc.
• May add 8 additional body bolts in addition to factory locations, max 6” washer allowed.
• Any cab reinforcement must be done separately from box.


• Welding from the center of the front wheels forward and is the ONLY frame welding permitted. All steel must be under body panels.
• No frame swaps, no Imperial sub frames, K frames, etc.
• May repair pre-ran trucks with ¼”x6” plate on the outside of the frame, only and 8” between patches.
• Must run stock bumper, and it must cover your beam. No pointy bumpers!
• Rear bumpers that are removed, must have rear rails capped using channel or angle, and not be any wider than frame rails.


• Bars may be 3” diameter, max. You’re allowed a dash bar, door bars, rear cab bars, and two kickers from the dash bar to the frame.
• Roll cages are allowed, either inside the cab, or outside. Rear most braces may be no further back than the wheel wells and can be bolted to the frame.
• Gear protectors in the box may not be attached to the cab, or any front, sides or rear of box.

Driveline & Suspension:

• May use motor and transmission of your choice
• Factory mounts may be welded and 2 additional straps or chains may be used to weld motor down. Must be behind water pump and in front of carburetor.
• May run a radi-barrel, but must be inside frame rails top and bottom, 3” thick max, and must be vented down under the truck, safely.
• No homemade spring packs. Must use leaf springs only.

Any other welding, bolting, etc. not allowed. Judged decisions final.